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hey there, back again

Wiped off all the tweets that were imported here via loudtwitter, loudtwitter is now a search thing after the creator/founder sold it, source was made available by yannk, it is still up but it has kept the exporting of tweets to the blogs via Atom, XML-RPC, or email updates.

Don’t try to export to a WordPress.com blog, otherwise you can face deletion or even suspension of the entire account, because WordPress.com doesn’t allow auto-posting in its terms of service, things aren’t clear though, better contact the support before using loudtwitter/wordpress.com combination, under current terms if you own the tweets i.e tweets are your own, then exporting wouldn’t immediately get you suspension (atleats that’s what i could comprehend from http://en.wordpress.com/types-of-blogs/ & this blog ffcode.wordpress.com used to post via XML-RPC by loudtwitter and it is still up!) though you should wade carefully for there are pebbles underneath.