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hey there, back again

Wiped off all the tweets that were imported here via loudtwitter, loudtwitter is now a search thing after the creator/founder sold it, source was made available by yannk, it is still up but it has kept the exporting of tweets to the blogs via Atom, XML-RPC, or email updates.

Don’t try to export to a blog, otherwise you can face deletion or even suspension of the entire account, because doesn’t allow auto-posting in its terms of service, things aren’t clear though, better contact the support before using loudtwitter/ combination, under current terms if you own the tweets i.e tweets are your own, then exporting wouldn’t immediately get you suspension (atleats that’s what i could comprehend from & this blog used to post via XML-RPC by loudtwitter and it is still up!) though you should wade carefully for there are pebbles underneath.


These points have been written very carefully, Gmail design has gone bad and this is a comprehensive report on it! Always wanted to write some of these points but since these are already posted, i am using the reblog feature of WordPressdotcom

Not The User's Fault

It looks like Google has finally pulled the plug on the old GMail UI. There’s no more “revert to the old look temporarily” button, so I guess they’re finally forcing us laggards onto the new theme. I’ve been a mostly happy GMail user since the very early days, but I strongly dislike the new UI.

As far as i can tell, this redesign is just change for the sake of change. I can’t see a single improvement! But I can spot three distinct un-provements *:

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